March 24th, 2013


Years of Tears caused Fears amid Leers at Seers

I'm watching "Doctor Who" and Raul's gone to his room. It's close to one am but time feels weird when you smoke in order to handle the pain and the levels aren't easy to handle all the time. I'm so in need of financial aid but I've got a fear that if I don't get approved now it might be too late for my alimony to get me my mortgage and loans and grants and gifts.

Who wants to lose everything to machines and the worrisome nightmare monsters in "Doctor Who?" It seems so meaningful when you see the top as well as the bottom. I've got a dream that love is possible. The lost in my past are creeping up to say hello. I'm watching The Pandorica episode. There must be love to bring geek love to to life. Ever after.

I'm at a point where I'm ready to sell almost everything I own.

First on the block is the Wii, and the Wii Fit, and all the Wii games and accessories for $200-. Buyer pays shipping or picks it up. PayPal via iPhone or cash.

Remember, everything you buy helps me pay for things like my pets care, food, car registration, and even my teeth and dentures! So please buy what I have to sell as it allows me to clear up space, pay for urgent needs, and keep my pride. I've art pieces and I can do head shots for reasonable rates and start selling what's in the storage locker.

Believe it or not, I definitely think buying a house is going to happen and that can change so much with plants in our gardens and maybe an extra bedroom for just them. My royal purple master bedroom and his maroon 2nd bedroom. The third we can paint green all pretty for the plants and thus the living room will be a lovely shared room.

"Why am I crying?" "Because you remember me..." "Doctor Who"

The love I have in me to share with the person who really gets me, well it roils up in my tummy even when my love is not sure of being returned. I've things that are autographed - maybe I could sell some of them in raffles?

How many people would pay $5/ticket for a used Wii with games and Wii Fit and accessories? If I could sell to 50 people that would make the raffle work. Can you have an asterisk leading to a "The raffle will only be valid if over 50 tickets are purchased?" Probably not.