July 31st, 2013

purple, laughing

Artistic Fetishes?

I still have all the releases and close to a dozen women, two to three sets apiece. Ten models I shot. There's a lot of mid-quality range, but a few diamonds with at least each woman. Calendar? Tabletop book? It's not X-rated, there's sexy nakedness, but Dr. Molly Black worked only with the form. No spreads, etc.

Anyways, I've a ridiculous amount of beautiful sets, I can't see myself taking more series currently what with being sick and drained all the time. Pushing through it merely means I lose the next few days completely. Or end up back in the ER.

There's a new video up on YouTube by me today. I blather on and on, but it's for trying to connect to people and I hadn't written a script I wanted to use, so off the cuff I spoke about, well you can see for yourself. It's only four minutes.

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