September 13th, 2013

fallen dark angel

I May Have Broken Something,,,

Why can I not be safe alone for any extended period of time?

I literally just could have broken several things in me. Wrist, ribs, left shin, left hip. Fell across the oven door, into the top freezer door, and I'm in agony. Not good. I'm uncertain what to do. Should I start putting ice packs everywhere? How do I know how bad this is?

Ow. My left leg is the only serious contender currently. It has a bruise with right angles. Large bruise with a right edge - just weird. But that's probably where I slid into the small section twixt metal shelves and the oven door which I left open by accident - thus falling and twisting myself up so freaking bad. I may have wrenched my left shoulder. OW. I'll check in tomorrow with my helper...the wonderful Carl.

Had a really bad fight with Raul before he left - several, last week. I can't get over it. It escalated to a point where I felt similar to being in a fight with Erica. I've things to consider during Raúl's take off back down to Santa Ana so he could see his newborn nephew - nice that he can go whilst I'm stuck here, unable to see mine.

Yes, I'm now a very proud and thrilled aunt of a beautiful (no exaggeration) boy. My sister was not a beautiful baby so he lucked out there! If he turns out even half as gorgeous as his mom, he'll be lucky.

Okay, I need to put ice places that will keep me from typing. Ow.
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