September 28th, 2013

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A Silly Nice Thing...

The new season of "Parks and Recreation" started back up this past week and the complete 42 minute episode is live on NBC, free excepting a million commercials.

Watched it connected up to my TV and sound system with Raul. Had a pleasant Friday now my reapplication for IHSS and other social services has gone in the mail along with every scrap of documentation I could put in that might help my case, as well as a cover letter, that will double for what Raul will read at my appeal, I can't do anything more. This weekend should go toward my health, but also I need to do at least one video.

But the big thing I wanted to point out was that season six has started and you can watch it for free right now, if you're interested in the recall and multiple pregnancies and so forth...trying to explain how Andy Dwyer lost all the actors weight so quickly - they use a ridiculous premise. Anyway, it's a nice bit of TV stuff.

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Where Next? Yet Again. Pass This Along, Please.

I wrote this to a friend on my FaceBook page, and feel strongly enough with her response that it's worth sharing and saving here, in my journal:

I try very hard to figure out that thing that is my spark that made me such a success as a business person, in my own quirky way, I know that there's a chance I screwed up and missed my chance.

My weight before the steroids was low enough for TV, my life before my ex-husband was full of prime gold for reality TV - managing a glassblowing business in Santa Rosa/Sebastopol CA, traveling around the UK - hanging out with musicians/DJs/artists, etc.

But now? I'm overweight and not camera friendly. Maybe if I got brought on board a project as a writer/editor/producer - I can do each of those, as well as get in front of a camera if people don't care how I look, though I do need a teleprompter.

So, you know people...spread the word, and yeah, try to help me figure this out - because more than vocal support (as wonderful as that is) I need practical ideas/help. A job that I can do from my bed that only needs me in person once in a while, that would be most realistic. At least for now.

The fact is I have a disability that keeps me from being able to fly, but I can always take a train or boat or even drive (with a driver that I could act as back up for), I can - unless I'm vomiting - always do webcam work, and I live in Oakland, a fantastic place to base a project out of.

So I guess, yeah, please pass this along if you don't know of anything yourself, maybe you know somebody who knows somebody that can help me get started again.
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