October 14th, 2013

Advent Children/FFVII

From An Ex "B* of 23" To Hair To Alien OG

Self Portrait October 14, 2013
After I showered this morning I cut my hair ... at least the front part I can reach.

I have a few inches extra hanging down my back, in the middle where I couldn't reach, even upside down. A friend could easily do it with my cheap hair cutting scissors back from when I would cut hair for my friends.

The Alien OG from BPG seems to so far have my stomach okay, and my pain levels haven't gotten any crazier even with the 4mg drop in Suboxone, so the experiment seems to be "holding steady," as it were.

The show I'm watching is already into the second season - surprisingly relatable (I WAS Chloe for a bit, it's fun but tiring after a while). For the first time, I realize that I'm watching actors that could be my children. Not my younger siblings, but actual children. Seriously, the Alien OG hasn't even let that screw my stress levels up.

PLUS my embarrassing rash/infection seems to have retreated a little bit which is great.