October 15th, 2013

Self Portrait October 2013

Okay, So Why Does This Make Me Nauseous?

I realized that today is the first time since I moved back to California that I updated my LJ icons and made a new one. That's over four years. And it makes me sick to my stomach for some reason that I cannot figure out. It's important to me, I can tell that much, but why is a puzzler. Beyond the most obvious - which I doubt.

Yes, yes, yes, I'm on day two of my next taper down. The one before the second most or is it third most difficult one. The first is the worst, the last is the next, or maybe it's reversed. I merely know that this isn't easy, even with the Alien OG during the day. I'm using Skywalker OG at night for bedtime. It's my most powerful one currently, but it's a different help.

Anyway, I wanted to kind of make note of this whole thing because for some reason that I hope is not merely pure personal ego, and instead some boosted ego from my friends, that this whole process helps others. Because I'm not alone in this. A lot of people are really sick, losing their teeth, their homes, their friends, and a lot of people have been walked out on and need help, and a lot of people are afraid that they're alone in going through this all too normal situation.

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Well, that was a completely stoned non-sequitur so off to bed go I.