October 25th, 2013


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Self Portrait October 2013

There Is No Reason For This

I can barely wait until the new year and being back on health insurance. I'm not starving, but I'm close to having to consider what to cut next from my life. I could just sell everything in my storage locker in a garage sale. Anybody else terrified of ending up on the street if things don't change? I know a couple people in worse situations than me, I KNOW that. It's just I'm heading there quicker than I can even begin to explain.

Let me put this out into the world again: I can afford to pay rent up to $900/month and I'm willing to pay rent to live with a friend or friends. The saved money will go toward future rents and insurance premiums and so forth. A vegetarian household would work the best. 420 friendly a must currently. Dog friendly. I love cats even though I'm allergic. There's much I can do when not totally incapacitated. I'm only mostly incapacitated at this very moment and yet I'm curled on my side, in the living room, on the laptop actually typing. Let that work for you in what ever way you need. I could maybe even work on your home business for you when I'm in this state or much better even. :-)

I have three small video cameras that I want to see utilized. I have the makings of a small home photo studio. My TV is 3D capable. I have an amazing washer and dryer set. There's a Prius involved. I have a midi keyboard and a microkorg and a microphone. Do you know I have posted over 50 videos on YouTube? I have enough photos to do several 2014 calenders. So why am I stagnating here in a pile in pain? Why am I not doing something that connects with enough people that I can afford my medications? What am I missing?

The pain is ferocious. Absolutely wrenching. Have to go...