December 8th, 2013


An Unexpected Delight: Subject: Music that melts my 1991 Bonnie Doon heart

I'm busy trying to reset my life now that I'm off the pain killers and just high on pain (I mean LIFE), and writing my 90s based series is omnipresent even at the most distracted of times. So when out of nowhere the darling Aba of my life sent this message:

Collapse )
Hopefully this shared experience between us all is something that you'll find interesting. These mark the days of the Full Moon Raves at places like Half Moon Bay and beyond by the Wicked Sound System here in the Bay Area. Some of these are just reminders of where it all came from originally. But for the most part? It's all about the shared experience and the shared love.

And that's where the heart of my stories must live.

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