December 28th, 2013


So Much!

Serious updates:

1. Mom called me and we spoke for a total of an hour. This is huge in my life.

2. New live-out IHSS caregiver a blessing. My common areas are getting cleaned up and I finally have clean sheets and towels. I hope she gets to stay.

3. So many very small things adding up to larger than the sum of their parts.

4. Washed dogs and tomorrow their beds etcetera get a washing.

5. Still no possible roommate, but not worried - yet.

6. Since Raul went to spend the week with his family my house is slowly getting clean and I'm walking the dogs three times a day, bad hip and back be dammed.

7. Started typing my Tv series proposal, which excites me. So many story lines! Plus I have my director and compatriot to help make this a reality. Casting may be the hitch.

8. immer essen has started back up, making this next album our fifth or so in 25 years.

9. Made some awesome gifts this year, now to package everything up for belated shipping.

10. There's more, but this feels like a decent enough list.