January 6th, 2014

Grammar Police

Step One Of 2014 Goals

Well, I may have lost my director due to his personal problems, but I took money that I don't have and paid for my "treatment" of "Haight & Fillmore" to be registered with http://creatorsvault.com/. It was a tossup between them and WGAW, but I can do the other later. It's most important that I get a stamp of creative rights on it since I'm going to try and start shopping it around. The WGAW payment of proof can be secondary in this situation.

The one actress I know I want to be in it lives on the opposite coast so I don't exactly know who I'll attempt to cast, but I've got story lines and several vignettes written down that just need more fleshing out. I'm debating going for a more Parks & Rec improv feel, but with a static camera. I'm tired of jiggling up and down. It's needlessly distracting.

The biggest problem of course is shooting a show based on the 90s when so much has changed, even in a three block radius. But if I can get it picked up - a huge shot in the dark, I know - then the budget will take care of green screening certain backgrounds if need be. There's so much of it in many shows today. The less the better, however.

Okay. So I'm pretty much on my own with this, but it's only the beginning of 2014. I have to try to have faith in myself. Over two months now completely off opiates and while I'm incredibly over stressed, I'm also more clear headed and don't want to immediately kill myself when everything feels like it's going wrong.