February 10th, 2014


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  • Sun, 12:35: Walking the dogs in this constant winter downpour sucks, but it's good we're getting so much water. #ilovemydogs #ilovetherain
  • Sun, 12:40: RT @Iron_Spike: Did you know the 1st criminal case to use DNA evidence didn't secure a conviction, but exonerated a man who confessed under…
  • Sun, 12:41: RT @Iron_Spike: And there have been over 300 post-conviction DNA exonerationS in the US. 18 of those were death row inmates. EIGHTEEN.
  • Sun, 22:40: @BoingBoing : Did you know that the SF Vortex Room may be breathing a last dying breath? Thurs ="#Xanadu" & "20TH CENTURY OZ" (1976).
  • Mon, 07:40: There's over 50 people already here @ 7:30am. & the line's beginning to build behind me! @ Wiley W… http://t.co/O4NTBlMWHk