February 24th, 2014


Moving Forward - After Two Steps Back

I need to do a YouTube update. It's been a while, and there's so much I have accomplished, even if my autoimmune issues have been taking my bouts of adventure in a bad way. Today, for instance, I started making necessary calls in spite of my cough, cleaned all my laundry, and my dogs laundry, ALL BY MYSELF. No caregiver to carry the laundry or make my my ridiculous to make bed (it's nearly impossible - my room is more library than bedroom).

Granted there's not a chance in hell I can go out this week to dance until maybe Thursday, but the fact is, I'm slowly getting myself free, further and further, out from the umbrella of pain killers and steroids. Granted I need to up them at times (the steroids, not the pain killers) because I do have Addison's Disease and while that may go into temporary remission, it's always there...as this bronchial infection proved all to clearly.

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I'm sorry if this sounds egotistical, but I'm proud of everything I've been accomplishing. Just made an appointment for a GP who accepts my insurance. Next to deal with: new teeth! I want my dentures to have mini fangs, dammit. So do I medical tourism this situation or just finish it at UCSF? That's a big question.