May 26th, 2014


Somebody Help Me Calm Down?

It's reassuring to have a caseworker/therapist who is truly on your side.

She agrees Elijah's crazy & has to go. She agrees my dogs need care so I can go to psych hospital for a break.

She says I'm under huge amounts of strain, stress, & pressure, & that's not even including my physical troubles.

I've stayed in since last Wednesday. I'm too sad and freaked out and poor to do things like shop for food and seltzer, but some friends have been helping me get out to buy necessities.

I find that now I'm in the midst of high drama with a psycho roommate who responded to my statement of disgust at him pissing in bottles in his room with the response "all men do it!" Which I happen to know isn't true.

Then he said he's doing urine therapy and washing in it.


So now I have to start the eviction process. I called OPD since he threatened me earlier. Not badly, just enough to warrant concern. And now I'm just hiding in my room waiting on OPD.

I HATE drama. So this smacks of irony.

This whole situation also smacks of me being totally stupid in certain ways. Having psycho "Elijah Joy" burrowing into my home with no lease or security deposit or any of it is my blindness after the awfulness of my final months with caregiver Raul. I'm not to blame for crazy, but I definitely need a real advocate. I have to learn this lesson.