July 2nd, 2015


This is the Big Thing of My Life...

It's is officially official! I own a house in Cleveland, near the Shaker Heights area (I believe it's called) and I'm not giving up my apartment here - but I am moving there for at least a small period of time (in the grand scheme of things). I am very excited and nervous and I think that it could be something very good in my life.

So I just made some sautéed roasted brussel sprouts and now I'm hanging out with the dogs and Erik's cat watching "Ender's Game." Anybody want to bring me a bottle of red wine (preferably a zinfandel or a shiraz - Two Buck Chuck is fine) to celebrate? There are chips and if you twist my arm I'll make you better than movie theater popcorn.

Debating flying to Cleveland next weekend to interview potential handyperson/caretaker/roommate for the next six months, minimum. Had some great responses already. But flying there next weekend and then going to Las Vegas for TAM2015 with Chip and Kitty and everybody and then packing and selling everything is way too much...I have to admit, that's the hardest part of all this. I've nested pretty hard having had back surgery, hip replacement, losing all my top teeth, getting myself off the pain medications, and all of it. So clearing out and moving is HUGE.

Katreya, Mark, Erik, Katie...my life here is surrounded by love and affection and a belief in my capabilities and worthiness. I hope to find that in Cleveland with all the people that Kat knows out there...plus there's theferrett and his wife and an old caregiver and I'll be close to dethany and others.

And apparently Derek is coming over with red wine just because, so that works out nicely...