July 8th, 2015

pain, fms, uterus

"Hurt or Die" ... Not even a working title, really.

I've I've been working on a documentary, as some of you know, and I've decided to look into crowdsourcing/kickstarting it, as well as looking into more traditional funding, via the USA equivalents of NHS and BBC. Those two options (plus ones such as the MacArthur Foundation) mean making an actual production company, which I've already started the process of. I'm uncertain whether to make it a non-profit or not, but the point is, the interest from the (very small, admittedly) medical community seems genuine and like this could be a project that brings out information that could save lives.

I've got a couple people working on it with me, but I'd be interested to know if I know anybody who has done the process of funding a movie before - even a short film. The next two weeks will be working on the information for a short trailer, as well as getting the outline completed and the questions for the endocrinologist I credit with helping to save my life - since he's the one who is getting me the scholarly papers for background (and hopefully interviews with the original researchers).

Any advice would be welcome, as is constructive criticism and outline questions YOU would be interested in having answered regarding secondary endocrine failure due to prescribed medications.

Ugh, and on a more personal note: My pain levels today are horrible and some neighbor is cooking meat and it's stinking up my nose (scent sensitivity is worsened by my high pain levels). Plus another neighbor's band is rehearsing - loudly. Am I heading toward a migraine? Hoping the answer is "No."

Oh, and I'm kinda in love with somebody, which isn't really surprising to most of my friends. But the feeling is interesting. And saddened because I'm leaving for Cleveland in less than eight weeks. I'm pretty sure I know who I want to sublet my room (not the person I'm sorta in love with). And things so far are going pretty well with my new roommate, Erik. And I'm doing some fiction shooting this weekend with Kat at Mark's studio. YAY!