September 12th, 2015


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And yet, what if I have it backward?

I hate to sound old, but here it goes: When I went in 1995 it was actually what they keep saying it isn't now. It really was a long weekend (back then it was only three days, five if you were building) off from any economic concern. You really needed to bring all the water you could fit in your vehicle. Tent. Sleeping bag. Things you could make over a campfire or camp stove. Very few RVs.

Sigh... it's even worse for me b/c I sold my tickets the next year when I saw the type of people going and heard about MTV showing up.

That's the year I was working for David Morse & Associates and we got the insurance claim about the car running over the three girls improperly camping off with no markers (the car was definitely at fault too). I had the paperwork you had to sign saying how to properly camp on the playa.

Then I went and set up their bus schedule for them in 2001 and still have the free tickets they sent me in response. So it's weird to me. I'm old, I know, I know...but it's not all "get off my lawn!" Really.

The fact this was made by Quiznos? Says a lot about how even "the man" is now aware of the paucity of individuality now inherent.

Though of course it could be that there are still some people out there really trying and the establishment is trying to undermine all their work by saying that they don't understand that they were never "burning the man" but were taking part in a "Wicker Man" style event where you burned the names of those you had lost that prior year and in fact Burning Man was all about cleansing fire to start fresh, the best you were able.