September 10th, 2016


Anybody need an official Photographer? (and other things)

My friend has an entertainment booking agency and they have two gigs for me and I need a camera for the second one. My current camera is over a decade old and doesn't have the wireless capability necessary. Does anybody need to hire a photographer? I can do portraits (yearbook), product (property, for instance), and weddings. I want to use some of the booking deposit to put toward an update to my camera so I can print directly from the camera to give clients a 4x6.

So, yeah, please hire me so I can buy a better camera so I can do more photography gigs. I miss doing shoots. Maybe I need to start photographing naked women again.

I'm still fermenting like crazy. And I'm taking three different online classes currently (peer support certification, social media marketing, and journalism -- wheee!). Plus I have a job interview on Tuesday. I'm not certain whether phone sales, even to existing customers, is for me but I want to give it a shot because I have a lot of debt and I want to erase it. School might get in the way from a "real" job right now. Anyway, I'm figuring life out at 47 and it's a weird feeling.

The antidepressants seem to be helping. I'm hungry all the time however, which sucks. I'm worried about gaining a lot of weight again due to my medications and it is a little stressful.