September 23rd, 2016


Dream Journal

The power was out so a local store was giving out ice cream to people so I was confused by the run around and hefty $65 fee there was and was incredibly disappointed to be given a gigantic turkey dinner instead. I then realized I was my friend Arlene, and my husband, my other friend, Hideki (Arlene's husband) tried to reassure me saying how good a year it had been for me.

On one hand it was a typical anxiety dream about running around, incapable of getting things to work, on the other hand, I was a friend of mine for at least part of the dream.

Maybe I miss my friends? Maybe I need to stop doing self destructive things? I thought I had, but I can see that I haven't. My head is a battlefield of a different type when I sleep. No wonder I wake up still exhausted.