mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Before I pass out...Why I don't play bass or drums

Insomnia was horrible last night. I gave up right before the sun came up. Watched a movie. Played drums on "Rock Band" on easy. Three songs. Today Shawn wanted to make me feel better because I feel used up and he said he would sing thus showing me how much I do not suck. Lo and behold he gets 100% on almost every song. Sure it is on easy (for both of us) but all of the sudden I realized I was not only getting a blister but I was beginning to bleed. Made it through the set and now my hand is lightly bandaged. AND he kicked my butt in every song we did together.

AF is going to be live mid-December if all stays on course. This makes me very happy. Just to finish and make it live...a huge achievement between just the two of us for the past few months.

And this week is about getting it live and finishing my articles and reviews and maybe trying to get another interview done. When not sleeping and huddled in pain of course.

Oh, the insomnia was good for one thing: I wrote the lyrics to two new songs during the frustrated awake hours.

Chicago looks like we have to put it off yet again. Boo.

And now I must lay down under a heating blankie so I can pass out like a good little FMS over-achiever.
Tags: artistic fetishes, insomnia, pain, rock band, travel

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