mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Rescued cat needs home, desperately!

We spent over $1000 on taking care of a shot cat, Callie, since the beginning of May this year and the time has come for her to move out of our house since while she gets along with our dogs, our two other cats can't stand her and one of the three of them has taken to not using the litter box in retaliation.

We have had her in our home since we found her in our front yard, starving, and I corralled her inside so we could take her to our vet for diagnosis.

She needs either a dog-only, no children home where she will not be allowed outside, or she needs a barn cat situation.

This being the holidays it would help us incredibly if somebody could take her. She would need to go to a pre-vetted home (and if we do not know you we would need a token fee to help pay for the accrued costs and make certain she is going to a home that can care for her). We are willing to ship her to anybody that will pay the fee of shipping charges and your choice of her traveling crate.

Please pass this around because if we do not find a home for her we will have to put her into a shelter and the only available shelters locally that have room are kill shelters and we have been dealing with this rescue for far too long.

Please, please, please help us find Callie find a home. Photos available upon request. As well as all proof of work done and shots etc.

She is FLV- negative, rabies shots all up to date, etc. She really is just terrified of people though if you pet her she will growl, she won't try to hurt you so long as you don't have her in a corner.

So if you could forward this until we find her a home, that would be the most fantastic thing ever. Finding Callie a home for the holidays where she will feel safe and not threatened and/or a barn on a bunch of acreage where she can be a great mouser and not get shot (she left tons of "presents" for us when she was just a local feral cat before somebody shot her).

Thank you,


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