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While AF might not be completed...

My sweetie scaled his app down a LOT and submitted it and lo-and-behold:

About ithello
It doesn’t have different levels of game play, or a polished look, or score saving, or anything like that. But it comes in a very small package and works just fine when not connected to a network. The single file for the game weighs in under 5k (not counting the three images, which total 238 bytes).

Frozen O

Post Date:
January 2, 2008
I feel even more proud of him - and at this rate of his career ascension I am going to get quite jealous of his career if my health doesn't improve drastically and allow me to become a freaking goddess among the dual model/photographer set.

Three of my friends (two non-met in real life, but LJ friends) are in the new Voltaire video being shot today. I have such sexy, stand-out friends. Another LJ friend just finished an app for Facebook, which I took myself off of due to their weird and scary tracking beacon but apparently it is quite the hit already.

I wrote four songs (lyrics at least) in the past two weeks and have been working my butt off on AF. Have to figure some stuff out but yeah...I feel really proud of my husband, my three friends, and my other geek friend. Now to try to attain some of that success-type stuff myself. *Grin* I will not even go into my friends who have successful art/photograph/music/writing stuff happening in their lives. Might make even me sick to my tummy.

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