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Music and Memories

Last night with Shawn I watched a new Björk video that maxmin shared with a cute comment (which I loved so much that I purchased the album).

It coincides however with more musical things occurring since I have been basically stuck in bed due to pain. This week I also introduced Shawn to Julee Cruise and last night I showed him part of the live performance she did with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamanti. Talk about having finally found a way to triangulate exactly where I want to go with Honey Explosion! The opening ten minutes of the live performance from the beginning of the 90s took me back to the late 80s. I have a difficult time explaining to everybody what I mean when I talk about wanting to create "industrial lounge core." From now on, while we work on the EP I plan to just point people to start here. Yes, we have been working on the EP for ages, but Shawn didn't have a real understanding of what I really had in the heart of me the desire to create. Now he says he knows exactly where we're going and I look forward to 2008 not only being the launch of AF but also the completion of our EP.

Oh, and if anybody ever hear(d) of a band from the late 80s that moved to NYC and played monthly at the original Knitting Factory that had extra guitars and bass made out of doors and other pieces of random things and that had a drummer that just did the EN trick of picking up their percussion needs from a local dump right before a show PLEASE let me know. They were wonderful and amazing and I saw them more than I saw Hugo Largo and I saw THEM a ton. It is kind of funny since Hugo Largo paved the way for Rasputina but the NYC scene was incestuous beyond belief.

I wish I still had the band's album that played at the Knitting Factory.

This started out as a comment to thank maxmin for posting the video. It has turned into so much more. I feel a ton of pain and stress right now. But I have a smile on my face even so.

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