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Just a quick update to let people know Molly's very ill and has been since Sunday. She's not able to answer the phone or get out of bed, so she wanted me to just let people know. She's in huge amounts of pain and probably won't be able to get back to anyone until sometime next week.
get well soon love
Oh gosh. Please send her my best. I'm sending all my positive energy her way.
Please give her gentle hugs from Elissa and tell her I hope she feels better soon.

Kitten hugsandfluffandwarmfuzziesandlove!
Send her my love - I'm crazed preparing for Vegas this weekend, but wanted to give a second to wish her well and thank you for the lovely holiday box.

All the best for a speedy recovery...
Thanks for letting us know, I was getting worried.
Send her my love.
Get better SOON dammit!
hope you feel better soon!
Eep! I hope you'll be okay.