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Molly here. New pain treatment working on FMS. Unfortunately there is a new pain issue along with the old, which means two hospital visits next week. Birthday dinner next Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Whichever people email saying they want more. Thought this would let people know that I have some random cheery news regarding my photography. I submitted after receiving a request to submit the photo that they accepted.
:: Schmap Houston Fourth Edition: Photo Inclusion

Hi Molly,

I am delighted to let you know that your submitted photo
has been selected for inclusion in the newly released
fourth edition of our Schmap Houston Guide:

Hilton Americas - Houston
Shawn's typing for me, but I just wanted to let people know thank you for wish for me getting better and I'm trying my best! AF is still getting completed, and I still turn 39 in six days, and Shawn and I are still in love. Nauseating.

Hugs to all my friends and loved ones.

Ps: It appears somebody purchased a copy of Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three for either Shawn for his birthday or me for mine. Just want to send a thank you shout out since no return address was included. We have both wanted a copy for a long time. Books for my 39th most welcome -- I have to update my wishlist...
The book was from me for Shawn....there was supposed to be a note with it which obviously didn't get included. Sorry your not feeling well. Sending you gentle hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery! Love you both!
Thank you! As Molly wrote, we've both wanted a copy of it for a while and definitely appreciate it!

We checked through the envelope a couple of times, just because we couldn't figure it out, but glad we know now who to thank.

She's able to sit up again for a bit, and hope to make it out for the dinner next weekend. We wish you guys could make it out for it! A bit of a journey, though.