mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Birthday? HA!

I slept most of yesterday when not awake and feeling nauseous. The two antibiotics are kicking my butt.

On the plus side I had a friend, and future interviewee for AF, order the sweet liquor chocolates for me. Such a great surprise.

Also, I had some art stolen a long, long while ago at an event. I didn't want the money the promoter offered to go to me when we discussed how to handle it; I decided I wanted it to go to a charity and chose "Child's Play." He just wrote me after all this time to send me proof that he did it once he found all the lost emails. Not only that but he (what a sweetheart!) ordered me some DVDs to keep me company while I heal due to my stupid sickness. More books and DVDs off my wishlist will definitely help me since my health is in limbo and I read very quickly and can not get enough new media to distract me from the stress of the pain.

Hopefully I will get into A-Kon again this year. Hoping that PAX doesn't fall too close to Galapagos.

So yesterday you would have just seen a sick and passed out for the most part Molly if you had come to offer company. I woke up twice with my neck in the "evil pain" position and with my glasses on and my laptop on my legs. Shawn doesn't know how I did it and neither do I. I apparently keep waking up just enough to decide to check my email and then fall back asleep -- considering the pain my body feels right now I feel a distinct fight between body and mind going on. I want my body to ease off on the pain and the mind to calm down and stop the shenanigans. Seriously.

As presents and cards slowly arrive I will share their arrivals. Fell asleep during Play It Again, Sam that is how bad my exhaustion has become. I just found out that at the beginning of March I now have to have a procedure done where they will stick me with needles and zap me with light electricity as well as some sort of "epidural" procedure. Not happy.

Hoping Aba moves in with us as soon as he can. We have a room all ready for him. Since Erica will not come back and take care of me. *Cries*

Need to go rest and pass out some more. Antibiotics and Molly do not get along. At least I have my organic yogurt and "Candida Clear" to keep me in some sort of balance during the next two weeks.

Dinner at TMP on Sunday. Two more just said "Aye!" so we're at a definite six - if haldira says yes plus a date that brings us up to eight. And if we can get Chris and his lady to join us? Private room time!!!

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