mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

So greedy!

Won't somebody buy me this? Either purple or silver(shown) will suffice. I have so many things to wear that to this year. That is definitely an outfit for at least two photo shoots a year and one event a year. Three times a year to wear something that gorgeous? Yes, please.

Tonight we went out to dinner at TMP. I forgot my night-time medication (bad), my Rolaids (double bad), and finally my Lactaid (super-triple-bad). But we enjoyed seeing Rodrigo and Sarah and Joshel and Stu. Even having one couple that eat meat and have a pregnant woman and one couple lacto-ovo vegetarian, and one couple as raw dietary as possible we managed to not drive the wait staff insane (it seemed that way at least). My stomach couldn't take it without the Lactaid buffer. No more TMP for us for quite some time. Definitely.

Tomorrow new doctor. Possible ear problems might complicate that. We shall see. We shall definitely see.

Oh, this week I'll start putting things up for sale. Things from dish sets to camera lenses to bras. Down to 115 means nothing fits me, especially in the bra and hip area any more. If I had a breast implant done to the size I want I would be close to perfect measurements. Not going to happen though. Right now given a choice between a laptop and non-sagging breasts I would still go for my new Powerbook Pro. Given a choice between a new L lens and a 5D and the breasts I would go for the gear. Luckily if I keep myself in okay shape I should have a few more years before that really becomes a worry.

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