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Sometimes things work out when you hope they will

Callie found a home! One of the Vet Techs at our Veterinarians was looking for a cat. They have no children, one dog the size of Femmepois and she took Callie out and said hello and could apparently deal with having her as their newest family member.

Just the situation we wanted for her, so this is great and she has all of Callie's records obviously and no, she didn't pay us the money donation for her, but who cares at this point. Callie did NOT have to go to Town Lake, a kill shelter which is the only one who would accept her. She would have had three days and if it didn't happen then it wouldn't have happened at all. So yay...

Callie the calico that so many of you chipped in to save? We all together DID save her.

Now to just deal with everything else bad crowding into my life like the fact tomorrow is the last day I have my pain-killing patch. Part of me wants to just take it off now so I can deal with the pain that much sooner. But honestly? I don't want the pain.

Recorded to DVR the news show. I'll check it out later some time tonight when Shawn gets home.

The "Yellow" room is almost completely ready for 360°ree;-dom and that is a big deal. Selling so much of our stuff. The cheap book shelves are up for grabs probably by Monday. Elliptical up for grabs now. Small cute side desk with rollers and good for small band workstation (like we had) is up for grabs now. Etc. Etc. Etc. All media (records, tapes, books, movies, etc.) comes with us and weighs us down. We were going to take both the couch and the recliner, but part of me is thinking we should see about selling the couch and just keeping the recliner as we had originally planned and buying a new couch once we get there that still folds out somehow. There has to be a way to have a couch that comfortable that doesn't weigh a ton that still allows for a full size bed instead of a queen size bed. Heavy thing probably a ridiculous weight. The recliner is just difficult to maneuver. Okay, enough babbling.

Happy thing = Callie has a HOME!
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