mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Just Sayin'

I did just want to post that my gifts of Chocolate Liquors arrived safe and sound. Animated gif photographed and made by Shawn to follow. I have only eaten one but they're being saved for a grand occasion when one occurs where I can eat and share them. The one I had was totally delicious. Thank you.

My health? Not good. Pain is bad. Down to 114 pounds. No pain killers any more which means Shawn has been dealing with the stresses of me. I think we figured out my IBS is caused by wheat. I cut it out when I got so sick the only thing I could keep down was fresh cut apple and honeydew melon (weird, I know). Then I found my IBS disappeared! So that is one good thing.

Also, since I am off the pain medications, things are more physically "active" for me even if the pain keeps me pretty stressed and trapped in bed most of the time.

Okay. Need to put this down and rest my back. Sleeping barely at all. It sucks.

Selling the rifle. Need to for my mental health. However it does leave us at a slight disadvantage if the Zombie Uprising occurs. Of course here in Texas we should have a neighbor shooting them for us if I know this neighborhood (it is not dangerous, just very Texan).

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