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1. Insomnia terrible. No more than five hours a night for almost a week. Or two. The pain is terrible but at least I found out that wheat causes IBS and that I can't go wrong with a fresh cut apple in the morning.

2. Jean Cocteau's Diary of Beauty and the Beast makes me feel so bad as a writer and model and photographer and budding film maker. If he could do that in the rubble of the aftermath of occupation in war torn France, I can write my two screenplays. Now. So I will.

3. If I tried to count all the books I've read this year it would be a joke (too many).

4. We purchased a new RAV4 yesterday. Corolla and Datsun for sale rather than trade in. (Fingers crossed). Our new car is fantastic. Not so good mileage-wise but exactly what we wanted. We haggled. Went to the mat. Got $1003 off which equals the extras we wanted. Not great, but according to CR we did very well. The guy at the end (from Humboldt County funnily enough) said I wore him down. I told him that is why it is called "going to the mat!"

5. Tired. But in love still. After July 10rh it will be nine years together. Still in love. We have had problems, but they melt away for the most part.

6. I feel exhausted. I should give up, get dressed and head out to the CVS. Need new comb. Also need new hair cutting scissors.
aiya friday!

i must see if i can.
i have that giant show with midori that night so it might be super crazy!
the venue is also way down SOMA like south east cornerish!
Tea with you is when you have time.

We arrive on Friday. Friday is not tea with you time.

And if you need an assistant or want to drag me with you as your personal photographer, let me know. I would love the excuse to drag my ass out to an event.

I'll be staying (most likely) at Divis. and California. That's who is picking us up at least. Then we'll see if I can take the environment. If not? Maybe Mission, maybe Berkeley. We shall see.
But it looks like a group of my friends are meeting us at Golden Era around 5 p.m. on Saturday so if you want to eat before you go do your mad stuff, let me know.

And not to be a hassle, but if you know anybody who has room for two on their guest lists for Saturday night, would you let me know? I would love to go and it is probably too late to apply for a press pass (we just purchased our plane tickets at the end of last week and you know how much last second airfare costs).

If you just want to meet with us, email me a good tea time. But if you haven't eaten at Golden Era, I will say that though it does not serve meat we have not had any friend or family member who is a rabid animal eater not enjoy the food and ambiance.
i wish i has sat open!
i will be at the rehearsal from noon that day


and after the friday nite show too!

though honestly, that would be the best place to see any latex.

i wil just have to call u to see what/where i am!
Are you going to the SF Fetish Ball?
I'll keep you posted. Right now I am very tired and stressed out and we're not sure that the trip at this time is a good thing. However, we're sort of balancing on our decision. Every friend so far seems more than excited to see us so I feel bad dithering, but my head is killing me and I am weaning myself off some of my medications.

Though if we do go and the new treatment helps me at all I'll be staying in SF for a while as Shawn gets the house and second car sold. Then we'll look for a house to buy (probably the best price range for us is in East Oakland). We shall see...
Glad you're up & moving, anyway.
I will get the previews of Goldie's AF shoot up tonight or tomorrow for you to go over, I need to know who hasn't gotten you paperwork yet!
I could have used the time tonight to do it. My migraine is keeping me awake and having images to stare at and choose would be a good way to get my mind off things that are bothering me.

AF is still moving forward. We're stuck right now at the billing stage of the data build but once that hurdle gets cleared we launch so make sure you get your signed stuff to me and everything. Including you and Goldie getting your code as needed.

*Sick headachy grin*
I have the preview gallery for Goldie's NON AF pics uploading now, it's taking forever.
I would upload her AF pics while I am out today but I am having computer issues :-(
I will have to do it tonight.