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Hold on to your hats...

My new pain medication works. I feel GOOD for the first time in ages. The pain is muted due to the prescription. I have a doctor appointment with a new pain management doctor recommended by my GP. If we do not (for whatever reason) get the house in Oakland with gigan, I have an appointment with a doctor who may continue me on the treatment on the 20th. If that does not work out, we have tickets to Portland, OR to meet with a GP there who may keep me on the pain medication while I adjust to living out there.

I feel relaxed and as though I can look forward to things (at least for the next 30 days). It is an amazing feeling and I just wanted to share it while it is happening.

There is still a lot to deal with. But right now I may have a future that is not just binary and that is an amazing, shining rare thing to feel. So I want to share it. Yes I am scared that I have to take an opioid to relieve the pain. But at this moment it feels so worth it.

Thank you to everybody who has been here while I work through the bad stuff. The gifts, cards, text messages, and emails help pull me through some dark moments. Now to get stuff working in my life again.
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