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It is official!

We got the house in Oakland. We are moving out of our house and having our Realtor list it in the MLS as either a rental or a sale this week! The official 360º views getting done either Wednesday or Friday.

Yesterday we cleaned up a lot of stuff and put up blinds that have been down for ages (we had replaced them with black curtains) and we packed a few more boxes. Need to clean the 360º rooms: the studio/game room, the kitchen, the living room, and the master bed & bath.

Tomorrow I am supposed to photograph a model for AF but looking through her documents I found she doesn't have a picture ID so I can't do a proof of age so I need to cancel it and wait for Sam to shoot her when he and Mylinn get back. This week I see three doctors, get a blood draw and a bone scan, and have to make sure the house is ready for viewing. We also need to sort out getting a professional steam clean for the carpet since our cleaner is good for basic cleaning but not the heavy duty two and a half years we have put in this place (dirt-wise).

We also need to figure out whether or not to pay for a professional moving company to do all the moving for us or just use a POD or similar thing. A do-it-ourselves moving truck is out as far as Shawn is concerned and after the way our bodies feel today just after the past two days of what we have done I can certainly agree with him.

Hoping we can get me some form of studio in the new house though I doubt it will be large enough based on the spaces I have seen in photos. Once we get settled I suppose we can find me a space nearby I can either rent by myself or share with other photographers who need a space too.

There is an express bus to SF that stops right out front and BART is only a ten minute walk away. It has a real fireplace. It has everything we might need business-wise (cable ready, dsl ready and she doesn't mind a Dish set up - which is good since we have six months left on our contract). Figuring out how to make the switch server-wise to there is a big issue, but we'll manage. Even if we have to go down for 48 hours while we drive the server up there.

Life feels good. Now to get our insurance transfered to the IBM equivalent there and find me doctors as needed and start the transfer of numbers to Oakland numbers and other necessities of moving. Mentally I feel exhausted, but I also feel absolutely thrilled. We're moving back near home! There's even a TOFU restaurant across the street. And next on our list is getting AF launched before we move. This is two things off my 43 things list of which I need to add more now that I have found a pain management medication that works.

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