1. Official drive out of here date: March 28th.

2. Official arrival out there date: March 29th.

3. Moving away party to celebrate Texans getting rid of us: March 22nd.

1. Phone call as I typed the above list from G.P. may change dates.

1a. Red blood cell count low.

1b. White blood cell count low.

1c. Vitamin D levels low.

I take vegetarian multi-vitamins every day. This is the first time these have ever come back low. Luckily the bone scan was normal. This may mean that things inside are worse than just an invisible illness.

The tryptase results should be in tomorrow. Either way next week seeing doctors should be interesting.

Anybody who wants to help us finish up our packing is very welcome to join us. I'm in lots of pain even with the Fentynal which is why we're doing more tests of a bone based nature and seeing if Mastocytosis can actually be a possibility.

The blood cell counts being low is not normal for me. At all. I guess we'll just see what the next week brings about.