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Sleep hits me with a sandbag lately

Due to my medication change I have tried to wean myself off my Xanax™ and Neurontin™ and unfortunatly I am so stressed with the moving I can't do it as much I have in the past few weeks. I got myself down to one of the latter mid-day and each one at night for bed.

Yesterday I had to have two of the Xanax™ and three of the Neurontin™ throughout the day. So at bed time I went to sleep as soon as I went to read (the exact same time Shawn went to sleep). He woke me up by accident at 6:30 a.m. by trying to take my glasses off. I fell asleep propped up on the pillows, book in hand, glasses on and I apparently didn't move the entire night. My heel hurts since I bruised it from sleeping in that position and my neck hurts for the same reason.

Now I have to try to gather my wits before the people show up at 7 a.m. to clean the house and the woman and her husband team* show up to do the lawn maintenance. My neck hurts and my ankle and heel hurt so I just have to lay here and pretend that I can get them better by later today when the guy woman comes to do the 360º views of the house (only certain rooms, thankfully). Shawn's working from home until around 9 a.m. or so and then he has a meeting to host at work and it all falls onto my shoulders. Then he gets home around 12:30 or so to hopefully be here when the rest of the craziness takes place. At least we have the areas cleaned out that need them.

We still have a television, a bunch of glasses and dishes,** and a camera for sale. The kitchenette table sold, the broken electronics found a guy in a monster-izing group that can use them for parts, and we've got a LOT to do before the house is ready for the movers to come take the furniture. We decided to get most of the stuff handled by the movers, but we're taking the rest in a U-Haul trailer that will go on the hitch getting installed by Toyota on Monday. And due to Consumerist I'm taking video of me walking around the damned thing when we go pick it up next week. We're still planning on moving to Oakland this coming Friday to arrive on Sunday. Here is hoping it all goes better than planned.

Anybody in the Bay Area who wants to hang out and help us decorate our new home please let me know. And this Saturday (March 22nd - tomorrow) we are having our "Bon Voyage" party. It would be nice if you live here if you could make it. Nothing but PS3, food, and finishing off what we have that we do not plan on bringing with us.

* The woman showed up but her husband never did. She did a great job doing the weeding and fixing up of the overgrown bushes but Shawn has to mow and trim today (Saturday).

** The couple who did the cleaning did so fast, quietly and with excellent skills so I offered them the dishes as a very nice tip (they were worth all told about $75 or so) and the couple gladly accepted them for their family. They win because they got nice dishes, glasses and a vase and we win because we can take them off of craigslist and they're out of the house.

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