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Home again, home again, jiggity-jig...

Well we made it. A ton of troubles to make it seem as though the universe thought we shouldn't, but we worked through and past them and now we made it and gigan has the room with the stairs to the outside back and our office is the middle room and our bedroom is the front room. Downstairs Erica has taken over the full bath since it only has a shower and she prefers those. I have done too much as usual and the plus side is we'll have more room for the movers to put stuff when they get here. The down side? The pain goes from my tippy-toes to my hair ends and everywhere in between even with the Fentynal.

Tomorrow we go to the DMV.

We live on the Emeryville/Oakland border and I think we're right around the corner from a lot of people we know. Shawn said that yesterday it took them 15 minutes to get from lower Haight to our new home which means that I may have a lot more Squat & Gobble food than I had even hoped!

Looking forward to getting everything installed and names put on utilities (only two for Shawn and one for Erica) and today we sign the lease and I met our new fellow tenants on the property and the chickens who live behind us and learned how to feed them to make them happy and we're going to do an organic tomato and basil patch with our fellow tenants in the plot of land we have for us and there's a fresh food (no preservatives or oils or anything) compost and also an actual Oakland compost as well as a recyclables and a trash can of our very own.

If we settle down with the other tenants okay I think we will be quite happy to live here, especially if our landlady either fixes the issues in the house or deducts the costs of the fixes we make from our rent (the closets need a LOT of work and there's no blinds or good curtain rods which is pretty bad for instance). Still trying to figure out where to put a small photo studio and I THINK I can do a small seamless in the dining room. Maybe. Or maybe I'll have to see if one of my nearby neighbors lets me use their place.

Anyway, once Fae and Jafo move in to our house and make it their home and everything we will have made the necessary changes to living with happy tenants in our house and us as happy tenants in this house.

Life will settle down in the next two weeks and then we will have our house warming party. That will be exciting for definite!

(And I have to buy my ticket to NYC for New York Comic Con - I wish I had somebody to go with!)

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