mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Things that = bleagh

  • My mouth somehow got burned and the pain won't stop
  • I helped move too much and the pain won't stop all over my body
  • I'm exhausted but on the plus side my new pain management doctor is keeping me on the Fentynal/Gabapentin combination
  • Monday I see an Oakland doctor about medical marijuana and we'll see how that goes
  • The pets are getting used to the life here in a house with no yard for them - taking a little while but it will work out
  • I guess I have more to write about but basically this week we deal with everything until the movers get here on Saturday morning and then life begins to settle in for real
  • Oh and we have our internet access as of tomorrow which means email and server and everything again
  • Texas doesn't give out registration cards but California needs them and get really rude when you try to explain why you don't have them to give them so you can switch over from TX to CA registration
  • If you're a model or photographer I will have April 21st available after everything else in NYC to shoot or be shot
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