mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Sleep, where art thou?

Finally! Today was a mixture of some pain medications working better than others and this constant adjustment of the medication to figure out what type of what does what and how do I keep the medication situation that worked in Austin before my "We-Don't-Want-To-Try-To-Survive-A-Dr-Molly-Black-Complete-Blowout."

The pain has kept me in a state of limbo. But finally I have started to work with my new laptop and Shawn's so full of good-natured envy that I feel as though there are a couple things he said he would do and he did. A year later than planned, but lots of reasons for that and that counts as past. The new laptop combined with the scanner he got me in December made for a few joyous scans I have wanted to accomplish since our wedding. The scan above is the only part of that negative to come out. How sad and yet that snippet actually makes me feel as though I have beautiful moments and that Joanna's Harvard degree may have helped save that film slip.

Feels good to have so much going on even though due to the muzziness and pain which seeps through everything it seems that my goals get kicked around for a bit by some bullies -- old pain with new faces - and the things coming up in the next few months just amaze me. If this summer doesn't help fix a lot of the issues destroying my marriage by actually sorting out what those issues causing problems stemmed from and watching the answer grow as the information built up not sure whether to burst out in a mob-tastic blowout or maybe the fact he has not kept a lot of his promises will sink in and we can have a healthy and conscious relationship that has a firm standing in laughter and silliness.

San Diego's Comic Con, Galapagos Islands Cruise, Modeling for batty in NYC. That doesn't count the three or four I have the options for if not the finances.

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