mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Too much!

So I have insomnia. Again. On the plus side, I started finally putting things on the walls and that makes a lot of difference. gigan and I made plans to start walking the dogs together once a week so they can run around more and I can get some sun. I look like a ghost with bad skin due to a lack of sunshine of even a small amount.

Found my passport. Galapagos is now finalized. Haven't heard from batty but I guess that means things are crazy for her and she is busy getting ready for the end of the month's event.

The pain goes up and it goes down. This week I have three doctor appointments - Shawn had scheduled me for four, but I couldn't handle it so he sees the dentist instead and I see the dentist when we get back. Gastro, Endo, and Pain. UGH.

Need new shoes for our journey and found the perfect pair I think. For him and for me. So that takes care of TWO shoes in one. We're going to go try some on this week.

I guess that covers it really. Just need to make sure everything is weighed and ready to go. Flight through Houston and on to Quito. Day trip in Quito if I can handle it. Flight to cruise ship. Blue footed boobies and marine iguanas snorting water out their nostrils. Video and photos should be fun to help document and maybe get some great macros of rocks and plants. Then NYC. Whee!
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