mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

FMS? Oh no...two doctors today:

The first one we expected to go quickly. My Endocrinologist ended up being close to 45 minutes or so. Why? All those vials of blood led to this:
"Fine-needle aspiration of the thyroid - usually not necessary for most patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, but a good way to diagnose difficult cases and a necessary procedure if a thyroid nodule is also present."
And my next appointment, my pain specialist led to me adding Topamax™ to see if we can kill the migraines.

After my shower this morning, I dried off and weighed myself. 116 pounds. I should weigh at least 125 pounds. I used to weigh close to 140 before I got sick. Then I went down to 128. Now I can't stand to smell food, much less eat it and the nausea does not let up. So I have every single symptom of migraines (small to bad headaches, visual disturbances, sensitivity to sound and/or odors and occasionally light, nausea without vomiting, and a loss of appetite.

So trying two new medications and getting a scary procedure done when we get back. That is, if I can even go. If we could get a refund Shawn and I have discussed just going to NYC and giving up on the cruise, but we can't and I'm not losing all that money. Grrrr.

Shaking like a leaf in a breeze. Shawn went to go get some food that might appeal to me and tonight we'll hang out with roommate and a friend and play video games. I've been playing Kung Fu Panda on the easy mode and handing it off to Shawn when my allergies get too bad and my eyes start watering. Okay. Back to Stanley Kubrick's version of Lolita

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