mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

To All My Friends With FMS:

This is gonna sound weird coming from me but here it goes:

Go to a very experienced Endocrinologist and get a full work up of your THS etc. Especially if they know about the adrenal gland and what it handles.

I've not (knock on wood) thrown up for three days now and I'm walking around and taking showers and shaving my legs and though I'm still nauseous and achy, I'm actually considering taking my pain patches down a notch if this keeps up.

The adrenal gland apparently controls things that can cause migraines, fms to get worse, etc. and I'm responding amazingly well to the Cortef™. It might work for others I know who have become as sick as me and bed bound.

Oh, and if you're throwing up a lot, Ensure™ really does keep everything down while you struggle to make it through to eating solids again. I'm starting to gain weight finally and though I'm still under my goal of 120 by NYC, I know I can do the event now and feel as though I have finally started on the road to recovery.

It feels weird, but very very good. Still stuck in bed reading and watching movies for a good portion of the day, but any walking around and such on my own (with no boosters or draining) makes it all worth while. And I feel horrible in some ways guilt-wise about finances ... but we are better off in debt with me alive than me wanting to die due my health.

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