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So my disability wore me out beyond belief. Which means canceled trips that we couldn't afford to miss. Eight days of vomiting non-stop plus a drop down to 110 pounds and the size of a stick insect.

Now I'm eating though and that means I'm up to 120 pounds in less than ten days! Good because it means I can eat. Bad because I want to gain weight but not rush up and past what is healthy for me.

NYC with Shawn this Thursday through Monday. This means modeling for Tracy and also hopefully seeing some places in NYC that I enjoy seeing when I go.

Randall is house/pet sitting.

I have the option of traveling down to Dragon*Con if anybody I know has room on their guest list. And if the hotel room still is available.

All comments screened for people who want to see me and set up dates and times and such.
*hugs* Congrats on the weight gain. Glad you're doing better :)
I just feel so relieved that my weight is back up to what it was that now I feel as though I have to start making sure I don't bounce too far back up the other way.

Missing you lots darling. Wish we could do shoots together. Want to model with you and want to shoot you. I always knew you had the beauty to make it as far as you want to in your modeling career. You may never know how proud it makes me to see you looking more and more beautiful as you work with better and better photographers.

Are you going to Dragon*Con? Want to share a room with me and get me on your guest list? I want to take the train down and hang out...
Unfortunately I can't go down for Dragoncon - my flute repair bill was $800 freakin' dollars. O_O
I was sooooo hoping that we could share a hotel room. Hopefully somebody else will come forward with space and the ability to share. If not I'll just have to wait until next year.

Do not forget our music studio here. You and Craig should think about taking a trip out to stay here for a week. We're close to all public transportation and we love having guests ... especially guests we can make music with!