We're taking off September 19th through the end of that week or so as to spend time with housewarming and the wake. Also we're putting our house on the market if our current tenants don't end up working out a good lease-to-own contract with us.

This is pretty intense because after the emotional things, selling our house there and buying a house here seems like a good idea. I find it hard to believe we have lived here for five months already but the time is speeding past with everything and everybody working out their futures and our future seems to be here where my doctor saved me from death and I'm trying to make sure that what our future brings us is the exact things needed to continue bringing life and creativity into happy states.

When Josh stayed he lent us his copy of "Spaced" -- the comedy from Simon Pegg and "Daisy" they wrote and starred in directed by Edgar Wright. So far it is hysterical and I am definitely wanting a copy of my own.

Also if you haven't tried one of THESE: Do So.

They're awesome and my herbs are growing fast. I got the silver one when they had it on the half price sale. With our fellow tenants and their garden out back I am starting to feel almost homey.

Oh, and there's a sale going on that has awesome shoes like these. Gifts of these shoes are welcome. I wear an 8.5 and the purple are very much something that would look great on me. *Wink*