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Home again, home again, jiggity-jig...

Made it back to home last night after a lovely stay with Curt and Cathy in Riverside. Today my body has put me through hell. Ready for a break and some peace but also ready to get the dining room turned into a photo studio for me. Hanging out with the two down south and in our house in Austin with my great studio and everything made me realize just how much I miss doing my photography.

I modeled for both Jafo and Curt. I was an idiot with Curt and fell out of a tree and got bark burn down the back of my left thigh that is deep enough that there's blood. I caught my hands and one arm but not nearly as bad considering.

Looks like things in the next year may lead to upheaval in a good way. Just need to get my health under control again. If anything this trip made me realize just how much a) weight I've gained so none of my dresses fit me anymore and b) I'm really needing my herbal medicine to keep my body in control and free from pain and intestinal issues.

Lots to catch up on, but the best thing I can do currently is what I did today but can't do tomorrow due to doctor appointment and super necessary errands: rest as much as possible.

Friends in the neighborhood or who have free time should feel free to let me know if you want to model for me or have me model for you. Any friends who have desire to help me transform the dining room into a photo studio should step forward. Models welcome to step forward, also.

Okay, I'm shaking from the strain of typing and dealing with my body. Must rest since tomorrow should strain me again...sigh.

A few great photos should come up soon since I have a ton of 'em. And our email has been out for a week due to server issues. We'll have them (we meaning Shawn) fixed by the end of the weekend. Apologies if you've emailed me and not heard back. Texting (through LJ even) works for sure.
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