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  • 19:24 Dreaming of falling in love with somebody who is in love with me. Forever and ever. Love hurts but I want it to be worth it. I love him. #
  • 19:42 I love Ethiopian food SO much. That and the peanut sauce from Phuket on Haight make me happy to eat, even when I'm not feeling so great. #
  • 01:07 Getting ready for bed and finishing up the ritual of packing for a two week trip down to Austin. Anybody want to drive me back afterward ... #
  • 01:32 Having problems sleeping due to anxiety & the worry I'll forget something important for this trip. It really worries me & not normal for me. #
  • 01:55 Feeling utter panic. Money frightens me more than anything right now & the fact I can't work makes it even worse. Need a disability lawyer! #
  • 08:39 Just finished baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies due to insomnia. Want sleep! #
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