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  • 14:32 I've decided to throw a Muppet Christmas Eve party here at our abode in Oakland/Emeryville. RSVP @ my diehackdie at gmail or Facebook or LJ. #
  • 16:41 Went to the city for my pain specialist appt only to have it turn out he got double booked for a whole hour and we had to come back. Angry. #
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Why can I not find the original comments to this to respond? I'm confused.... anyway - you evil temptress - in regards to coming out there... it sounds like a freakin blast and I love the ideas but if I make it to the west coast this year, I may be exploring Vancouver/ Seattle/ Portland and, if any, a couple days in SF - in which case, we would have to get together somehow anyway. The creative muse has got me in this puppet mode and I'm learning all I can and trying to create new ways in making money for myself creatively - may be doing a puppet workshop for kids, etc. So - playing all by ear and hope to make the trip anyway.
If you are serious about doing your puppetry I recommend applying for a Maker Faire booth and showing step-by-step how to make your own "Muppet" - which I believe is a trademarked name - or what ever the non-trademarked name is. You should put together a step-by-step process for how you make yours (or at least one of the easier ones) and thus have a good reason to come out here.

In fact if you go to their site you can put something together there for them to look at as a project: http://www.makezine.com/ and look into it. And yes, we could do the shoot idea I had in four hours or so which I hope you could donate to me. I would donate veggie food and drink (vegan even!) so we could call it a working lunch, even!
First - of course I would donate my time. It would be a blast. Right now with the puppets, I'm working off a professional pattern which is not my own but, still ok to use with the kids. As I discover how to do this more on my own, then something like the Maker Faire could be feasible. Great info by the way - thank you!