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Last night I was putting water for Shawn on his side of the bed by stretching across and I lost my balance and fell off the bed, slamming my head full force into the wall and sliding my one hand managed to catch myself by the force of my body twisting and the slamming of my head caught me so I didn't fall off. My neck cracked and I tried calling for help but Shawn was walking the dogs and Erica was asleep so I lay twisted against the wall until I could drag myself with my free hand back onto the bed.

Today I am in extra pain on the right side of my body on top of my regular pain. I've spent most of the day sleeping and recovering. The pain, when I'm awake, feels quite bad. Shawn's taken good care of me when I wake.

I traded Elyse jewelry made by her for photography of her custom jewelry and the piece she made for Shawn for me is quite gorgeous. I'll post images of him wearing it tomorrow after our dinner at The Melting Pot. As well as a shot or two of it for her portfolio. It's truly beautiful.

Today is our six year wedding anniversary and tomorrow is Shawn's birthday so we're celebrating it with any friends who have the time, inclination, and funds to meet or go with us. Erica's birthday is Saturday. This is probably one of the busiest months for birthdays among those closest to me.

Back to reading. Typing this with one finger means I don't hurt myself as much, but it does still hurt.

Happy anniversary to my dearest Shawn. I love you still...after over nine and a half years. I hope we make it double that. And double the happiness and triple the stability of not only our love, but also the other aspects of a healthy and strong relationship.

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Happy Anniversary!!

I hope you recover from your crash landing very soon.
We had a lovely time for his birthday dinner and this weekend was just plain quiet and pleasant excepting when we went out to the Skeptic Meetup on Saturday. That was loud and neat to take part in. But the stress made me even more wore out and the bruise on my head HURTS. My neck still isn't back to normal. It was definitely a close call.

*HUGS* to you. Need to try to barter with you...
happy aniversary
hope you are doing better soon.
We had a lovely time. He took from Wednesday through today (Sunday/Monday) off. He had a few days where I woke up and took care of the dogs so he could sleep for an extra couple of hours. That really gave him the vacation time he needed. He never gets to sleep in so for his birthday and our anniversary he got me taking care of the morning chores, a Maria Callas special edition box set, and a PS3 game called "Eternal Sonata" which is an RPG style game that has 1-3 players.