Color Matters
The design of this shot is actually based around the $8- target top and it just happens to show off a lot of other things that make up a great outfit. See if you can figure out how the color all ties in to one another.
Glowing Molly December 2008
I took this photo that Brent took of me and cropped it, cleaned up some lines, and diffused a cool filter over it.
Color Matters Glowing Molly December 2008
Look From Below
This is a messy image that Brent took when I was in Austin and I have to admit I love this wig as much as I love my new long black one. Brent crouched down and so I cleaned the ceiling out rather poorly.
Fresh Hair Color and Dark Leather Headband
This is the actual me with my hair growing long and my eyes peering through the bangs I've gotten.
Look From Below Fresh Hair Color and Dark Leather Headband