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I feel as though I am far past giving up. Between my missing my house and the difference between how people view my photography and modeling and the huge lack of me doing things I planned, only to get so ill that I'm now seeing famous people completing my ideas I feel like giving up.

I can't even do one proper photo shoot here while in Austin I'm inundated with shoots, a house I love, and just as many (or as few) friends. While being here has helped my health, I still feel as though I've given up more than I am capable of and lost any self respect I might have had.

Turning 40 this week puts a cap on everything. I've failed to accomplish any of the goals I created in the past few years. But I see other people with health and wealth seeming to pick up on those same ideas and accomplishing them.

Tears say it all.

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Cry it out of your system and then (please pardon my bluntness) suck it up. *huge hug* Don't make me bust out the "do you know how much worse (insert misfortunate souls here) has it than you do?" because girlfriend you KNOW I will do it. *giggle*

I get like this, believe me. I was going to be a Nurse Practicioner. My FMS will not allow it, so I am going to do medical transcription...it pays well but is not viewed with the kind of respect that nursing is. And I hate that my health dictates *anything*. But then I think about what's happening in the news...people who have hundreds of thousands in debt and can't find a job and have kids to support and are losing their homes...well, I have to realize that it can ALWAYS be worse. Always...

*more big hugs*
Hi darlin...

All I can say is to try and not mark time in such a linear way, it really helps with perspective/overcoming sadness. If I continued to wallow about not getting a damned thing done in the 6+ years of crushing depression and resultant debt I experienced during and after grad school, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything I have over the last few years.

The "what if's" still come back to haunt from time to time, but I can't let them win.

Age is really meaningless, time markers suck.