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  • 12:10 Shawn just did a sweet thing for me he does when he can: egg on English Muffin™ with "stripples" (what we call Worthington™ bacon). Tasty! #
  • 20:34 A wet, cold, windswept day kept me indoors and under the covers recovering from this flu that will not go away & Shawn's been caring for me. #
  • 01:13 Two whiskeys, some cola to chase, leftover pizza, ice cream cake, & medicinal cookies to follow. To say I feel stuffed is an understatement! #
  • 01:23 I happen to love the movie "Where The Buffalo Roam;" it is an early movie about Hunter S Thompson starring Bill Murray as HST. Great movie! #
  • 02:20 Really need to get an XBox 360 Pro/Elite or Roku box. Watching movies from Netflix on our TV whenever we feel desirous is becoming more so. #
  • 02:21 Yes I feel totally spoiled that I can desire one of those even though I'm disabled and can't work and bring money into the house. Oh well... #
  • 06:15 Woke up at 4 a.m. a& so far can't get back to sleep. Pain all over me. Raising the fentynal helped for a little while, but my body adjusted. #
  • 10:55 Sipping green tea with honey that Shawn made for me. Listening to Erica still hacking up her lungs, preparing for blood draw. Planning AF. #
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