• 21:41 Tonight at The Vortex Room they're showing a 16mm print of "Alphaville," a movie starring the woman I dream of having the nose of myself. :) #
  • 22:40 @ev My husband and I know exactly the time we first met and use that as our anniversary since it was love at first sight. July 10 = 10 years #
  • 22:44 I can't stop crying. It might seem odd to people who never knew me before I became so ill, but the pain & the stress keep me from MY life. #
  • 22:48 Go to The Vortex Room (if you're in SF) right this second to watch "Alphaville" for me with Shawn & Erica & Scott. Or come visit & hug me. #
  • 23:58 Shawn went out so I have spent some time on my 360 playing games & I only have one friend there & want more: "Molly and Shawn" - add me! #
  • 00:20 @netik That is crazy! What got you that gig? I feel very proud of my friends that through the years have really succeeded in so many ways. #
  • 00:29 Watching "Super High Me" and finding it more and more interesting. The "Prince of Pot" just made an interesting statement, for instance. #
  • 05:05 @bridgetvoid ? I never received anything about it so I couldn't have turned you down. That's weird. Try again? #
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