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  • 16:59 Took a long walk with Erica & the dogs this afternoon. Still sick & in pain but trying to exercise at least every other day. Doctors orders. #
  • 17:00 We also checked out four houses for sale on our walk. We went into one, found one already sold, and peeked in the windows of the other two. #
  • 23:40 RT @neilhimself: "Disappointed that Beowulf didn't get the 'Misfit discovers...' review as well. (Love the Dr Who best)" #
  • 23:43 @bridgetvoid I haven't tried doing that yet. I thought maybe somebody I know might have it. I have two vinyl converters so if somebody does? #
  • 00:39 Shawn and Erica went out to the weekly Vortex Room Movie Night and left alone I decided to bake a fresh medicinal apple-strawberry crumble. #
  • 01:21 Crumble in oven, counters cleaned, dishes washed, recycling & compost taken out, watching dogs, listening to one of my favorite playlists. #
  • 01:32 #followfriday Since this is my first use of the (any?) hashtag I'll start with @modelnicotine @make @laughingsquid @cyberoptix @kumimonster #
  • 02:07 Listening to the winter 2008 playlist that I made as a gift for friends. The medicinal apple-strawberry crumble is finished and cooling. #
  • 02:12 #swapwithmollyblack is my idea for swapping with people I know. If you want to swap mixes, makeup, books, games, & etc., please try it. :-) #
  • 02:15 @kumimonster I get them quite often. If you have any questions just let me know. If not, I hope you get it cleared up very soon. *HUG* #
  • 02:18 Yes, I put "Jesse's Girl" on this mix & damn The Venture Brothers for making it forever entwined not only with Joy, but now Dr. Venture too! #
  • 02:22 @modelnicotine Can't though it sounds fun. Shawn went nuts and purchased two tickets to the Throbbing Gristle show. A bunch of us are going. #
  • 02:52 @kumimonster Do you have a doctor here that could write a prescription for you? We could pick it up and next day it to you. Or my doctor? #
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